Easy Yeast Baking

Garlic Yeast Bread Knots, Easy Yeast Bread

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Easy Yeast Baking

I love to bake bread, I really enjoy using my bread machine. But I also like to do it the way my Mom taught me. They didn’t have bread machine baking back in the day, but they sure had the best homemade bread ever.

And don’t be afraid of yeast. It is soooo not difficult. You hear all kinds of scary stories. I am not sure why people try to scare would be bakers. But trust me, it is simple.

I am always on the hunt for new recipes and delicious bread recipes is at the top of my list. I also happen to be a fan of soft pretzels. I really love them, but they are a bit more difficult to make. So I usually buy them.

Well I have found this very neat recipe that is sort of a combination of the two. Yeast rolls and pretzels and it is so good. You are going to love them and it is an easy cooking recipe to boot.

Here is the link to the recipe so you can see the step by step how to, with pictures for each step.  Soft Garlic Knots

Here is a video that very simply shows how easy it is to activate your yeast. So stop fearing yeast and get to baking. Yummmm!!

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