Easy cooking Recipes

Easy Cooking Recipes Are Not A Cop Out, They Are A LifeStyle

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Easy cooking recipes are basically the only way to go. Why would anyone want to spend hours of time and sweat equity in the kitchen to come up with the same dish and no better than what an easy cooking recipe would deliver. Now mind you, easy cooking recipes are not the equivalent of sub standard recipes. Or recipes that don’t measure up or don’t taste good.

No way! Easy cooking recipes are just that, easy. A lot of how the recipe turns out is the cook. If you are able to follow directions and you love cooking and you have some flare and enjoy ingredients, then they will turn out fantastic. That is exactly what this website is all about.


Easy cooking Recipes
Delicious Burger with grilled onions



I love cooking. I love baking, I love experimenting with ingredients and coming up with my own slant on things while in the kitchen. But I really love easy cooking recipes because I have little time.

Like most of you dear readers, I am short on time. I have many demands on my day but the fact is I love to eat and so does my husband. And a fast trip to the fast food joint is not going to cut it at our house. So after playing with the recipes and food ingredients I have mastered being able to manage my time and be able to cook enjoyable dishes.

So if you also enjoy being in the kitchen but don’t have all the time you would like, you might benefit from my efforts. I have some of my own recipes I hope to share with you, and I have been looking around the web finding great ideas and putting my own spin on them. I’ll share those too.

Easy cooking recipes are not a cop out. They are a life style. I hope you will enjoy them.

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  1. Congrats on your opening post! This is going to be such a yummy website. Cannot wait for you to add an email subscribe so I can get your recipes delivered right to my inbox 🙂

    Keep on keeping on Susan!

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